Brought Up To Code

Audio piece Brought Up To Code (19' 38'') played in a hybrid car; working jacket from 3M Reflective fabric made by Alondra Castellanos Arreola

Photo documentation from solo exhibition Avenida Progreso at Plan B, Amsterdam in 2017.

Video documentation produced by PAOS, Guadalajara, Mexico in February 2018.


Duo exhibition with Ivo Rick at Artoxin, Munich

Documentation shows:

Avenida Progreso (y Union) - Neon tubes on styrofoam-casted concrete, transformer

Avenida Progreso (y Sindicalismo) - Neon tubes on styrofoam-casted concrete, transformer

DYN - Re-programmed electric blow heaters with each 3000 W from perforated and powder coated steel, control box

Cups - 3D-printed bioFila silk, cup holders from ABS plastic

The Weathers They Live In

Group exhibition at puntWG initiated by Nicola Arthen with Alondra Castellanos Arreola, Paul Bernhard, Dan Walwin, Baha Görkem Yalim, Isabel Mager and François Girard-Meunier. Full documentation.

Own works included:

JET – Axialventilator with 650 W engine; laser-cut, powder coated steel; 90 x 100 x 35 cm; connected to control box;

DYN – Rack of electric blowheaters with each 3000 W (re-programmed); laser-cut, powder coated steel; 260 x 39 x 43 cm;

DOF Liners – Installation from perforated steel plates, welded tubular steel frames, 1/4" screws; 500 x 700 x 300 cm;


In collaboration w/ Ivo Rick

3D printed bioFila silk
3 different cups each as an edition of 33

Where Does The Energy Come From

Scooter part and unopened, mirror polished cans of Red Bull


Installation from rolled and riveted offset printing plates, coloured resin, acrylic glass, paint marker

Documentation: Amelie Tegtmeyer

High Jump

HD Video, 6' 06''


Stills from HD Video, 1h 42' 27''

Local Optima

Coloured Resin, Sand, M10 Bolts

Fragments of Fascination

Riveted offset printing plates, tubelight housings (all aluminium)

Ein Flugzeug Über dem Haus

A fly from polyurethan resin on aluminium, acrylic glass, rubber, steel, wood, laquer, river stones, fake plant, tiles and MDF plates of the same size

Nicola Arthen

mail [at]

Curriculum Vitae

born 1990 in Germany
lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin



Autocenter Summer Academy w/ DIS collective, HMKV Dortmund


Fine Arts Department, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam


Class of Prof. Martin Gostner, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf



Started, Residency, Prague, CZ

Prix De Rome, longlist, Mondriaan Fonds, The Netherlands (nominated by Clare Butcher)

Projectsubsidy, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK), Amsterdam

Werkbijdrage Jong Talent, Mondriaan Fonds, The Netherlands


StartPoint Prize, honorary mention of the jury, Prague

Fine Arts Prize (w/ Lieven Lahaye & Bastien Gachet), Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam


AABER Award prize for young artists, 1st prize (w/ Adrian Sölch), Munich

Solo exhibitions


La Etica de los Algoritmos (artist talk & performance), PAOS, Guadalajara, Mexico


Avenida Progreso, Plan B, Amsterdam


Brought Up To Code, Galerija Simulaker, Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Selected group exhibitions


I Book You, The Ballery, Berlin
Klaus von Gaffron gegen den Rest der Welt, Kunstblock Balve, Munich (w/ Ivo Rick)
Salon ACME No. 6

, Mexico City


Jahresausstellung, Galerie Artoxin, Munich
Bad Flash, Berlinskej model, Prague (w/ Alondra Castellanos Arreola)
modul aero, Galerie Artoxin, Munich (Duo-exhibition w/ Ivo Rick)
In Support: Support Structures, De Kijkdoos, Amsterdam
The Weathers They Live In, puntWG, Amsterdam (incl. organisation and curation)
GELD, Semperdepot, Wien (w/ Ivo Rick)


Project.Labour, GT22, Maribor, Slovenia
Exhausted lines and dead pipes, V240, Amsterdam
Do It Yourself Design, Bröhan Museum, Berlin
Machinery, easy!upstream, Munich (w/ Ivo Rick)
StartPoint - Prize for European Art Graduates, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
La Vie En Rose, Lockwood Project, Amsterdam


Chambre de Schie, Fotofestival Schiedam, Schiedam
StartPoint, National Gallery, Prague
Best of Graduates, Ron Mandos, Amsterdam
Hesitant Autonomy, Graduation Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
Nothing works but that works just fine, Labor, Köln


Moments in a Think Tank, puntWG, Amsterdam
low |lō|, lower white space, Amsterdam
Constant Companion, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam
Annual exhibition of Kunstakademie Düsseldorf


AABER Award, Leonrodplatz, Munich
FLAM Performance Festival, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
Beyond Babylon, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam


Rietveld UnCut: The Making Of, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
Demokratie, Das kleine Schwarze, Hamburg


Rundgang, University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin

Selected performances


Becoming Wall, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam


Wood Chuck, Leonrodplatz, Munich (w/ Adrian Sölch)
walk with me, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (w/ Pedro Matias, Angelo Custudio, Ivana Filip)
Becoming A Painting, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam (w/ Bastien Gachet)


Spray Paint Art, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

Supported by the Mondriaan Fund.